Both of Arpspoof and Dsniff teach a basic sniffing

This one will tell how to sniffing a local area network,we will catch all package that flow at that network.sound Frightening huh…but it very easy… this is one simpel example how it Local Area Network when your computer ping a other computer like “ping [IP target]” it will send it to all the computer in one subnet with it. and ask if there are the IP he asked. and when he get the replay so it will report to you like “64 byte from bla..bla..” that confirm if the IP you ask is ON or not. so what is sniffing is we catch every package at the networks.and put in our computer and we can get it. you can get FTP,HTTP etc. packages and now how we do that.? we will do it like my way. what i always use is ARPspoofing and Dsniff.

ARPspoff is a tools to tell lie at networks that we is the IP that he looking for.and what we have to act like is the gateway. we must tell all the computer at the subnet if you are the gate way so all packages in that subnet comes to your computer and Dsniff is used for catch all package and make it readable by human. you can use other tools like Ettercap,Driftnet, filesnarf,Mailsnarf etc. it depending at what do you what to get. ok.. 😀

1.Set your box to forward package,of course we not drop the package at your computer , we
just make it flow to your’s so we can read it.!

#echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

2.arpspoofing,this will tell to all the box in the networks that your we’re the gate way.and
forwarding the package to the real gateway

#arpspoof -t [gateway IP] [Victim IP] & >/dev/null

and open new shell and put this command

#arpspoof -t [victim IP] [gateway IP] & >/dev/null

the first is for tell the victim host that now we (our MAC address) are the one belonging
to the IP of the gateway and the second is to fool gateway to belive we are victim

3.the last is chose what do you want to sniff. like i said you can use Ettercap,Driftnet,
filesnarf,Mailsnarf etc.all is the same. and now i’ll use Dsniff.

#dsniff eth0 [eth# is depend your setting, because your sniffing your own box.]

thanks. that all. happy hacking


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